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How to open/close segment rings?

Hello all you beautiful people, today I will write few tips on how to open and close segment rings. This is the most common question we get asked and often people get very frustrated. Segment rings can be difficult to use if you have not used one before. We recommend using pliers unless you have mastered the technique already 🙂

What is a segment ring?

Segment rings were inspired by BCRs, while BCR ring have a captive ball, segment rings feature a curved part that pops out of the ring. When the segment is in, ring looks like a smooth, solid ring that can be turned 360 degrees through your piercing. Photo below.

How do you open and close segment rings?

Getting the curved part out is easy, getting it back in is the tricky part.

The easiest way to remove the curved part of the ring is to use opening pliers (make sure it doesn’t fly across the room 😂) To get it back in, insert one side of the part that was removed back in the ring, and then push the other part in, you might need to use a little bit of strength as these rings are very secure and once they’re in, you don’t need to worry about losing your piercing! 😊👍

Segment rings are not meant to be easy to use, I would recommend them for someone that does not often change their jewellery. To avoid all the frustration and for an easier fit, try our hinged segment ring selection. Same sizes and colours available.

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