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Vault 101 Blog

Where we keep you up to date with whats happening in the world of body jewelry, Q&A’s about jewelry & our products can be found here as well as just cool things and facts about what we are doing day to day.


Stainless Steel Or Titanium?

Q&A Tongue piercing

Free Giveaway! (Fallout 76)

How to open/close segment rings?

Healing crystals (stone plugs)

Where is my order?

Vault 101’s Piercing Bar Of The Week – Tragus Bar

How to prevent/stop piercing infection

What Size Piercing For…(Insert Piercing Name Here)?

Vault 101’s Five Things To Know Before Getting Pierced.

Vault 101’s Piercing Bar Of The Week – Horseshoe Bar.

Vault 101’s Piercing Bar Of The Week – The Labret.

How to Measure a Banana Bar

Vault 101’s Tunnel Of The Week – Single Flare

Vault 101’s Tunnel Of The Week – Wood Ear Plug

Vault 101’s Tunnel Of The Week – Silicone

Piercings & Pregnancy

How to Measure a Labret Bar

How to Measure a Circular Barbell

How to Measure a BCR

Jojoba Oil

How far can I stretch my ears before they won’t close up?

Vault 101’s Top 10 Tips to Help Your Piercing Heal Faster

Needle or Gun?

How to Open a Daith Heart

How to measure ear tunnels and plugs?

Why does my stretched ear smell bad?

Why Stainless Steel?

Piercing Size Conversion Chart

How to Sterilise Body Jewellery

Ring Size Guide

Piercing Origins

Difference between internal & external threads?

How to remove the ball from a BCR (Ball Closure Ring).

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